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Our Story

Things happen for a reason.  People meet and click.  At their core they share something important that matters. 

In 2011, Angie Smith and John Padgett met as part of the team making great strides in Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company's marketing initiatives. In 2012, the “Local Since Forever” brand positioning was launched.  The positioning was emotional and connected with the real difference “The Pig” had over competitors.  Not just a grocery store.  But part of a way of life that was in jeopardy.  The campaign was fresh, true and real about the company and its customers. Working with local producers, farmers and local advocates like Lowcountry Local First, Smith and Padgett found a calling for helping where they knew they could. 

Although Piggly Wiggly’s industry and positioning was unique, its story is not.  Long standing, smaller brands and businesses are in jeopardy.  Smaller, local companies have a tough time starting and staying in business.  They’re outspent and outmuscled – yet they’re part of what makes and keeps our communities strong and vibrant.

The Padgett Smith Project was formed in 2014 to help the little guys.  Bringing big brand and multiple industry experience across all facets of marketing to smaller, independent brands and businesses.  We’re here to help local, independent businesses survive, succeed and grow. 

It’s David vs. Goliath.  And it matters.

Angie is a life-long resident of the Lowcountry of SC, with grocery and the food and beverage industry in her bones. 


Across a thirty year career, John has developed successful marketing programs for leading companies and their brands across multiple industries. 
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